Cureayu Centofizz for Pathari/Stone

CENTOFIZZ For Pathari/Stone | Contains Pashanbhed | 32 Effervescent Tablets

  • Natural Stone Dissolution: Centofizz Ayurvedic medicine harnesses the power of time-tested Ayurvedic herbs to naturally dissolve kidney stones, preventing painful surgical procedures.
  • Holistic Approach: Our formula not only dissolves existing kidney stones but also addresses the root causes, helping to prevent future stone formation through balanced kidney health.
  • Quick Relief: Experience rapid relief from excruciating pain and discomfort associated with kidney stones, thanks to our fast-acting herbal blend.
  • Trusted Results: Centofizz Ayurvedic medicine has a proven track record in effectively dissolving kidney stones, with numerous satisfied customers attesting to its success in improving kidney health and quality of life.
  •  Direction For Use: Drop a tablet in 150 ml of normal water, wait till the tablet dissolves completely, and stir well. Enjoy the drink, drink it twice daily.  (1 गोली दिन में दो बार 150 मिली पानी में घोलकर)

Rs. 699

Rs. 798

It is a tablet created specifically to support healthy kidney function and naturally dissolve kidney stones. The extracts of Pashanbhed, Varuna, Kulthi, Gokhru, and Nimbu Satva in this product are all recognised to have positive health effects. CENTOFIZZ Kidney Dissolver Tablets help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) by draining out dangerous germs from the urinary system and halting their growth thanks to their natural antiseptic and diuretic qualities.

Overall, CENTOFIZZ effervescent tablets are an excellent option for anyone wishing to support normal kidney function, avoid the production of kidney stones, and get rid of kidney stones they already have. The all-natural components of this product combine to offer a secure and efficient treatment for renal health problems. If you’re looking for a pleasant and natural method to promote the health of your kidneys, try CENTOFIZZ!